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I've been making things and putting them in front of cameras since I can remember. Today, after 2 decades working in the film and entertainment industries I run Studio Sangeet - a boutique prosthetic makeup design studio based in the southern English countryside, just far enough from London.. 

There's an awesome team of fellow artists and colleagues that form the studio where we work alongside film and TV productions and department leaders to generate and provide everything from concept artwork and character design, stock and custom made prosthetics, wigs, costume effects, props and body replicas to in-camera effects and crew teams. We can go between working on short films to series and big studio productions, every project is its own prototype.

I also have a passion for creating film of my own, one that speaks to audiences in a language they can understand but through a lens that is rarely observed- integrating my life experiences as a seasoned special effects artist and as a person of color in a marginalized world. Dinghy is my debut short film and it's currently playing at festivals worldwide.

You can take a look at my IMDB listing to see my full credits list and my instagram feed to follow my socials, or you can click here to send me a message.