Professional prosthetic makeup & effects studio

Ready made prosthetic makeup products

An exclusive product range of professional, high quality ready made prosthetic makeup and flat-mould kits. Designed and created by Sangeet Prabhaker, a leading independent make up effects artist with over 19 years industry experience.

Ready to apply prosthetic makeup

Exclusive to Studio Sangeet, ready made Trauma and Character prosthetic makeup made 100% from life, not clay. Our silicone gel appliances include QR links to video application tips, come supplied in fully compostable packaging and are available in four skin tones.

Flat mould sets

Studio Sangeet’s unique Flat Mould System are curated sets of silicone moulds for making Trauma and Character prosthetics made 100% from life, not clay. Our flat mould sets include detailed visual instructions for use and come supplied in a durable metal case.


Innovation and good design underpins the work done at Studio Sangeet. Our range of consumable materials for making silicone prosthetics provide outstanding ease of use and accuracy, reduce waste and are supplied in biodegradable packaging.

Learn about prosthetic makeup

Learning and creative exploration are at the core of the Studio Sangeet philosophy. Regular online broadcasting and in-person seminars are held as well as updates to our product support pages. Check here for info on our schedule or to make an inquiry.

A Q&A with Inds Magazine

TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF. I grew up around Bow, Bethnal Green and South Hackney with Punjabi/Spanish parents and an elder sister, going to local schools and colleges. Special effects was a childhood dream job but I had absolutely no understanding of how to learn...

Alternatives to Flashing – The Prosthetics Magazine

The Prosthetics Magazine, Issue 15 This article first appeared in print around summer 2019 in this excellent magazine edited and published by Neil Gorton.  Why fix it, if it isn't broken? Well, because if we don't, nothing new will ever come along. Ask Darwin,...

Building the Perfect Body

With one of the world's best virtual sculptors, Scott Eaton, and top SFX model maker Sangeet Prabhaker, Alice Roberts creates a life-size model of the 'perfect' human body. The sculpture is now on display at the Science Museum.We were approached by October Films to...

Battles With Bits Of Rubber- Podcast Episode 26

  Most people learn techniques and perfect them. Some people then take those techniques and look at what can be improved. Sangeet falls into this camp. He is now pretty well known for creating high quality prosthetic transfers, moulds made which contain the appliances...

A Halloween Audience with Delamar Academy

On the day before Halloween, Sangeet returned once again to capture the imaginations of our students for one of the most exciting Halloween events we have ever hosted. Previous master classes at Delamar have included gunshot wounds and the legendary blood rigs...