Skin:Sachets contain 50 grams of super-soft silicone gel, ready to mix and pour into a mould straight from the sachet with no fuss.

One Sachet will roughly fill all the moulds in each one of our Flat Mould Sets, they come with QR-links to video instructions and biodegradable packaging.

Available in 4 skin tones:

  • Snowy – for pale skin tones
  • Peachy – for warm lighter skin tones
  • Honey – for olive medium skin tones
  • Coffee – for dark skin tones


Skin:Shell encapsulating beads are supplied in 100 gram packs, ready to dissolve with acetone with simple mix-ratio instructions for use, enough for 50 – 80 small appliances.

The dry cap-plastic beads are supplied in light and moisture proof biodegradable packaging.