With one of the world’s best virtual sculptors, Scott Eaton, and top SFX model maker Sangeet Prabhaker, Alice Roberts creates a life-size model of the ‘perfect’ human body. The sculpture is now on display at the Science Museum.

We were approached by October Films to collaborate in the making of this documentary film for the BBC. Presented by Dr Alice Roberts, the program asked what could the human body look like if it were intentionally designed, as opposed to the somewhat clunky things we have evloved into..


Our brief was to consruct a lifesize model from a digital sculpture designed by Scott Eaton, which he sculpted as per Alice’s investigations into the flaws in our bodies. We used a mix of 3D printing and traditional moulding and casting techniques.

The finished model was a mix of PLA plastic for the body, with silicone rubber, acrylic eyes and human hair for the head portion.

The model is now on permament exhibition at Londons Science Museum