Studio Sangeet

…was established in 2017 by Sangeet Prabhaker, a leading independent make-up effects designer in the film and television industry. Working internationally and collaborating with the best make up designers and companies in the field, Sangeet has learnt from his heroes, and is a leader and teacher for the next generation of MUFX artists.

Hire Us

Our prosthetic makeup studio in Dorset, southern England creates custom designs and builds for film/tv productions and private commissions. We design and make:

  • Prosthetic makeup appliances
  • Lifelike replicas and mannequins
  • Temporary tattoos and bruise transfers
  • Costume elements and fabrication

Our teams’ network extends beyon borders, incorporating contemporary digital creation technology with our hand-based craft allows us to scale as needed and collaborate with the best artists in the world. Get in touch to discuss bringing your idea to life.

Prosthetic makeup workshops

Learning and creative exploration are at the core of the Studio Sangeet philosophy. Sangeet does online broadcasting and in-person seminars which can be aimed at students as well as other practicing artists and teaching faculties alike. Subjects range from basic fabrication, application and colouring, to advanced mould-making and classes specifically for dark skin tones. Check here for info on our schedule or to make an inquiry.

Our prosthetic makeup work

Below is a selection of the prosthetics and makeup effects work created for iconic film and television by Sangeet and Team.

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